Hare Symbol Alchemists Laser Cut Metal Jewelry Pierced Earrings


Vintage. Native American Indian design Laser Cut Metal Jewelry Earrings Hare Symbol. Round shaped earrings with gold brass and rust finish. The Alchemists.

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Vintage. Like New Old Store Stock. Hare Symbol The Alchemists Laser Cut Metal Jewelry Earrings

Old Native American Indian design Hare/Jack Rabbit. These are hanging round shaped earrings with gold brass and rust finish. Measures 1 1/8 inches. They are lightweight and will not weigh your ears down. This was one of my best-selling jewelry lines in my former store. Unique necklaces and earrings.

I have a Jack Rabbit that lives in the front yard under a bougainvillea bush. Now and then he/she ventures to the back yard to eat some bird seed in the morning and I can get a cute photo with the birds. The Hare/Jack Rabbit is a fast-running animal that resembles a rabbit but is larger, has longer ears and legs and does not burrow. For the Native American tribes of the Southwest, the rabbit or desert hare was a symbol of fertility, rainfall, and prosperity. They were also lighthearted tricksters.

The Hare represents the quality of good natured-ness. The hare or rabbit symbol in Asian cultures draws on ancient Buddhist and Taoist legends. It is attributed with supernatural, magical powers and is associated with the moon and lunar cycles. Pagan, Saxon and Druid symbolism is rife with depictions of the hare. Ēostre, a spring time goddess who is the namesake of Easter, is often depicted with hares, as they represent rebirth, fertility and the return of summer fruitfulness. The hare was a sacred and mystical animal to the Celts; a symbol of abundance, prosperity and good fortune.
They were believed to have connections to the Otherworld.

Items that I sell that are marked vintage, antique or collectible may show some signs of wear to the original boxes or original package when available. See pictures for detail. All of my items come from a smoke-free environment. I do combine shipping on multiple items.


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